13 aug. 2010

Who is Gregory Petrovich Grabovoi??

Gregory Petrovich Grabovoi was born in November 14, 1963 in BogaRa village, Kirov District, Chimkent Region, Kazakhstan.

He graduated the Tashkent State University, faculty of applied mathematics and mechanics, specialty - mechanics, in 1986.

He is an academician of International Academy of Informatization . Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Advisor of Russian Federal Aviation Service. Author of discovery of creative field of information which realize any information object and information archiving models in any place of space-time continuum, also discovered methods of conversion of information of any act into known geometric form; principles of remote diagnostics and regeneration of matter within any term of time through transformation of time into space form. Had publicly recognized unique ability of clairvoyance, forecasting, and treatment. Using his clairvoyance he solves scientific problems, a priori being aware of a result.

Personal abilities of remote control of physical matter from any distance, cured hundreds of diseased persons without his personal presence, these facts are certified by traditional medicine and proved by notarized statement of cured persons.

Cured tens of diseased persons from the 4th stage and it is certified by UN as well as from the 4th stage of AIDS. Using his clairvoyance he examined hundreds of aircraft, "MIR RF" orbital station, "Atlantis" spaceship with absolute compliance with real examination concerning total volume of tasks as well as separate task. There are confirming minute signed by managing and authorized officers of air industry enterprises and Russian Space Flights Control Center. In conditions of experiment he did works for materialization, de-materialization, teleportation and these works were stated in the minute. He regenerated destroyed matter. Does all works aimed to prevent catastrophes, through creation without destruction. Teaches the way to control matter for saving.

Vladimir Sudakov, the "BW" observer

From time to time foreign mass media sources publish information on mysterious people protecting Russian leaders from any unexpected events, dangers and illnesses. It is likely that the time has come for us to tell the world about the man who "sees through" the government planes, and in case some defects are discovered, he is vested with the power to prohibit the flight; about the extrasensor granted with the talent to diagnose illnesses and cure people a long way off, find the disappeared people, foresee the fall and growth of the exchange rates and many other things. The magician's name is Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi.

Between Alpha AND Omega

By force of the understandable reasons his name remains unknown to the majority of the Russians, although specialists in paranormal phenomena of the human psychology refer to him with great honours, and the world "stars" in extrasencorics have recognised him as "one of theirs". As the Bulgarian fore-teller baba Vanga says it is because he has the "immense force", and his unusual capabilities indeed range from "alpha" to "omega".

As far as we had to mention the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet, I will also mention the 23rd one, i.e. "psi". This is the abbreviation used by the para-psychologists of the planet to indicate the subject of their speciality: spirit, spiritual world existing outside the time and space, and the soul uniting the spirit and the physical body. Those who have the stronger spiritual impulse are granted to create what we got used to call miracles: to cure, to see the invisible, to penetrate with the extra-sound velocity the obstacles and distances by his will and thought.

In sort, these are the premises of extrasensory perception and influence. Some receive this quality with the genes of their remote ancestors; many bushmen from the Kalahari desert are telepaths as they have preserved the relic parts of the cerebral subcortex responsible for the intuitive liaison with nature since the humanity origin. Others acquire this gift as resulting from the trauma: Sai Baba, the great Indian magician, had discovered his capability to revive the dead after he had hardly died himself being bit by the scorpion.

Let's recollect apostle Paul who being yet Sail, on the way to Damascus had got blind and after that he was gifted with the holy force.

But we are left to guess where Grigory Grabovoi is "rooted". As far as I know there were no clairvoyant in his kin; the fate was keeping him away from any shock.

Grigory Petrovich is only 32 years old but looks even much younger. He remembers himself from the cradle: yet unable to speak he understood what the adults were talking about (even now he understands foreigners at the level of thoughts). Since the age of five he could foresee the events - his mother sends him to the bazaar on a bicycle to fetch some home-made cheese but he refuses to go saying, "There is no cheese there". Soon the neighbour rushes in; the police turned out to have dispersed the traders in the morning, and the cheese was indeed missing ....

He, himself, never paid great attention to the capability of his direct vision thinking it to be vitally natural for all the people; moreover, the idea that they had such a phenomenon among their friends had never come to any of his contemporaries from the Kazakh village of Bagara. And yet by the age of 12 Grigory started to understand that he is not like others. Otherwise how could he perceive his ability to change the sequence of events? Being aware of the unpleasant meeting he started thinking the man waiting for him could be distracted by other, more important matters, i.e. was changing the layer of thinking, fixing his attention to alternative details. Everything used to be as he liked in the end.

I must say that when a child and then a teenager Grisha had never been offended by action or words, not because he was going in for karate but sooner for his some "peaceloving" energetic membrane covering him. Maybe because being already a teenager and discovering the unknown mightiness he put the objective for himself to foresee the coming troubles and put the obstacles for them.

This is his credo until present. Both the extrasensory force, as he admits himself, has not reduced but increased since then; simply with the age he turned out to make thrifty use of his inner treasure, not to fritter away his energy, but apply it only in the cases of emergency, e.g. when it is necessary to rescue (save) a man. For some time past Grigory often thinks of protecting against the catastrophe not single men but the whole at large.

Grigory came to the awareness of his suitability to fulfil such a mission working at the Tashkent Machine-building Designing Bureau after graduating from the university. The cosmic machinery was designed there, and Grigory apart from this was studying the theory of catastrophes. His own concept of barring those catastrophes was maturing in him.

... When a student, getting ready for the exams, he was reading a book. Suddenly he felt the unexplainable vibration in his body. In his mind he saw the nuclear power station, smoke, fire and people dashing around. It happened a month before Chernobyl. And three days before the catastrophe the vision came again: graphite pivots were on fire. The visual picture of Shredinger's equation regarding laws of microcosm: tunnel passage (notion of quantum mechanics) and the silvery speck of dust, electron's energy endeavouring to change one level for another. This made Grigory's flesh creep: the blast is inevitable very soon, the content of the graphitis in the pivots has considerably exceeded the norm!
All this came to Grigory at the clairvoyance level. And I asked him why he had not given all up, why he had not rushed to where it was necessary, had not striken all the bells...

- But who would have believed me, obscure (unknown) student? - he objected to me sadly. - If they had hidden their heads ostrich-like there in the Kremlin, and then for a long time had been continuously drawing a soft and pleasing picture of the "situation under control"...

The mankind will have to deal with the conscequences of the Chernobyl's explosion, "I have seen the heaviest streams of neutrino to rush along the globe perpendicular in four sides with a 5 degree deviation. Their impact on human genetics can be waived 120 years"...

Ph.D. in Philosophy

Phenomenon of Grigory Grabovoi

I have recently met Alexander Pukemov, the journalist from Tashkent.
He is known to Russia and Uzbekistan due to a number of publications on the paranormal phenomena. Alexander is the author of the article entitled "The Phenomenon of Grabovoi" that was published in the 'Trud' newspaper of March 14,1995.

The article told about the unique extrasensor from Tashkent, about his surprising capabilities. He is entrusted to carry out the extrasensory assessment of the aircraft's readiness before the significant government flights of the "Uzbekiston Airways" Aviation Company.

When I, quite by chance, happened to know that Alexander was here in New York, first and foremost I questioned him on this unusual man.

- Yes, Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi is really one of the most surprising people possessing the original potentialities", says Alexander Pukemov.

- "Even his name seems to possess this idea. ("Grab" - "hornbeam" in English - is the tree of many unique qualities). They seem to be borrowed by this man.

His life-story reminds of many striking events and incidents. When a student of the Tashkent State University at the lessons in higher mathematics he could first give the answer to a complicated mathematical equation, and only then suggest the method for its solution.

Having started his working activity he often displayed his unbelievable skills taking no notice of them.

When he was working with the aviation detachment from Ivanovo, he managed to re-create the true cause of one avia catastrophe. Even having no DATA from the "black box" of the crashed aircraft he managed to restore the real picture of the crash striking with its details: many events and assessments made by him strike with their authenticity and truthfulness.

He had been working for a secret designing bureau for a long time. He used to calculate the flight paths for the cosmic objects. To avoid calculations with the computer his friends sometimes "exploited" him. To be true, he understood this and stopped fulfilling this type of requests.

- In what way can we compare Grabovoi's level of diagnostics and foreseeing to other extrasensors?

- I have been surprised that for such extrasensor as Kulaghin the results of his foretelling are bound to the accidental circumstances, they may be episodic or missing at all, when for Grabovoi - the high probability of his predictions can be compared with Uri Heller. It is not by an accident that he turned out to be immediately (without any queuing) received by Vanga, the Bulgarian foreteller. He has been also blessed by the world-wide known Indian, saint Bapa Nagpal.

- Is he continuing to implement his extrasensory practice?

- Grigory Grabovoi does not consider the pure extrasensory activity to be his major occupation. He is the head of his private commercial enterprise - "Rampa" Firm. He renders consulting services to the managers of some firms, pre-calculates the probable percentage of profit and provides concrete recommendations on marketing and management. In particular, he is studying and improving the system of booking air-tickets through the "Sirena" system. He has the contract with the "Uzbekiston Airways" Aviation Company.

- In your opinion, how are the paraprocess phenomena in CIS treated in America?

- American specialists remark that in Russia and other CIS countries there exists the broad tradition of rather serious disclosure of unusual phenomena by the mass media sources. They are interested to get acquainted with these materials in the original or in translations.

Alexander told me about his meetings with some American business specialists who got attracted by the phenomenon of Grabovoi. He showed to us a thick volume of the book "Management" that was presented to Grigory Grabovoi by the author, Mark Green. Professor from the Simpson College, the city of Indianola, state Iova.

Besides that, some American associations involved in studying para-psychologic phenomena have got interested in him.

- In what way is he shaping and improving his knowledge?

- Grabovoi cannot be regarded as the selftaught. He is rather a man of great erudition. His knowledge is based on the scientific sources, on serious studies of the achievements in business, marketing, management, of military literature and aircraft manufacturing.

- What do you consider to be particularly attractive in Grabovoi's work as a consultant and an extrasensor?

-First and foremost he uses the ethic approach to applying his surprising gift of foreseeing and intuition. Rendering advice to a client whether to conclude or not to conclude a deal, Grabovoi does not thrust his opinion on him.

His potentialities are of great value in the today's uneasy situation in business.

Once he was addressed by a man from Russia who complained of Mafia
that was bringing much trouble to him. That businessman was much anxious, and Grabovoi understanding what the man needed calmed him down. Grigory told the businessman that the matter was in his fantasies and completely clarified the situation for him. At that moment, he said nobody was seeking for the man. He was the victim of his own fear." Be much bolder, confident, do not be afraid of anything, no utter danger threatens you. At least I can guarantee this for the coming months". The man signed with relief. You can see how people trust Grigory.

- And how could the insurance companies treat such a phenomenon?

- He must be get interested in him. Here his potential is completely improbable. It goes without saying that if he can move the information from one computer file to another without seeing it on the display; kill the computer virus; foretell the threatening danger and, hence, prevent the death during the accident; bring to light hidden defects of the aircraft and automobile allegedly penetrating them with the X-rays. It is enough for Grigory to know the technical scheme to build up in his mind the whole object and act on as an extrasensor.

- Then, why do we know so little of such a fantastic man?

- I believe that wide recognition will come to him very soon. Real results of hisactivity have been documented by many expert data, documentation signed by completely different specialists and managers.
He has already faced the avalanche of orders for a year ahead. Surely, such capabilities raise the interest in the manufacturing companies. It is not by chance that such a famous company from Germany as 'Simens' has committed to carry out the investigation of his tremendous potentialities.