4 oct. 2013

Dr Grigory Petrovici Grabovoi

Dr Grigori Grabovoi is the founder of the New Knowledge from Russia about organ and cell regeneration and his teachings focus on Rescue and Harmonious Development of humanity and the planet. Dr Grabovoi is a gifted scientist and mathematician as well as a great spiritual Being. He has received acclaim through official documents of the United Nations Organization. He was honored by the Russian Academy of Sciences with the silver medal of the Nobel Prize Award winner P.Pavlov for his "furthering of medicine and public health." Dr Grabovoi is also an award winner of the International Academy of Sciences' competition on the topic "Nature and Society." He was awarded the Peter the Great medal for his contribution to the "revival of the science and economy of Russia." Dr Grabovoi is a highly gifted seer, scientist , mathematician, healer and specialist in energy informatics. Dr Grabovoi has treated thousands of people and helped them overcome various chronic and acute ailments.