1 aug. 2011

WHO lives in a house like this?

WHO lives in a house like this?
Imagine , who would have such taste and live in such opulence?
- An American Billionaire?
- Saudi Prince?
- Louis XIV of France ?
Have a good look at these pictures, then scroll to the bottom for the answer!

This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to:
The President of Zimbabwe - Robert Mugabe -
While his people starve, they do not have food, and die because of no medical help . . . ..
. .. . He and his family live like this . . . his GREED kills his own people, again and again . . . .
If you send this to everyone you know, they can send it to everyone they know; soon the whole world will know, what this man is doing to his people.
The citizens he supposedly serves?

Please pass this and do your part to expose this to the world.....
The only way that evil can persist is when good men do nothing!